How we Get Inspired?

INSPIRATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Picasso, Neruda and Parra, Latin American artists that inspire our craft and make us richer and more creative as designers. Their craft has made us stronger as artists and more disciplined as developers. Picasso drew thousands of paintings that didn’t see the light of day. He went undiscovered for years.… Continue reading How we Get Inspired?

Family Food for the Good Times

Founded in the 80s, Pizzarelli is a true Dominican icon. With twenty two fully equipped restaurants and presence in every major mall, this brand needed a solid online image that made justice to its impact on society. As our second client, we’ve been working with Pizzarelli for a long time and have enjoyed the pleasure… Continue reading Family Food for the Good Times

Clear Industry

A New Face for industries and conglomerates so they grow closer to their audience and embrace social responsibility. PETROQUIM Very few industrial operators get marketing right. PR and communications are such a challenge for industrials that many times they end up contracting the same project multiple times. This is a terrible scenario for society: citizens… Continue reading Clear Industry

Onapi Virtual

Onapi is the National Patent and Intellectual Property Registration Office of the D.R. We created the first version of Onapi Virtual in 2005 and the second version in 2007. The success of this portal was such that more than 45% of the registrations are now performed online and take less than 20 days to process.… Continue reading Onapi Virtual

WADS = Our Methodology

1. DISCOVERY PROCESS Our methodology is very comprehensive. We start with a series of discovery meetings, surveys and social processes that allows our designers and developers to accurately discover your most pressing technical needs and , as we build an adequate RFP, every production detailed is mapped to your company’s requirements and needs. We then… Continue reading WADS = Our Methodology Convenience for Everyone

Now the biggest e-commerce site of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, is redifining the way a whole nation lives. Originally programmed by Jordhy Ledesma, now serves tens of thousands of shoppers and delivers groceries to thousands of subscribing families on a weekly basis. With a very simple interface, real-time, inventory management and… Continue reading Convenience for Everyone

Responsive Design

Viewing web sites across devices is a very common experience nowadays. In other to maintain a consistent branding message is important to present web pages adequately across a wide range of devices. Responsive design is a display and rendering technique that makes possible serving the same page across a wide array of devices. The first… Continue reading Responsive Design

Collaboration with Presidents

Strategic projects that move a nation forward can make all the difference. Our collaborations with Presidents enriched these creations. I was contacted by Serigraf, the biggest printing agency in the country, but as unuspecting and aloof as I entered the meeting I quickly gained consciousness: this project is for the President, they told me. As… Continue reading Collaboration with Presidents

Tidal Wave of e-GOV Innovation

A tour of our most successful goverment projects and how we create a new digital infrastructure that changes the world every second. We discuss impact, standards and e-government technology. e-Government Services are the Cornerstone of Modern Societies Our most impactful work is related to e-government developments. In this respect, we’ve built new standards, won awards, … Continue reading Tidal Wave of e-GOV Innovation

A Path of Contributions

Value driven design and development have guided Information Providers since the very beginning. Our culture is one of societal compromise and constant achievement. But we can’t be entirely profit driven, such a path limits our potential  for social impact. Hence, we strive to be the best and help impactful institutions as much as our business… Continue reading A Path of Contributions

The European Union

And their Broad contribution to the Caribbean’s Internet Economy Enter the world of cross continental contributions and you’ll understand the strategy of the European Union. By helping countries in the path of development the EU accelerates the economic growth of some of its key partners with the most efficient capital expenditure possible. One of these… Continue reading The European Union

Five Principal Questions

Our principal answers five critical questions about Information Providers. On occasion of our 12th anniversary.   1. Would you do anything differently if you were to start from scratch? Definitely no. Information Providers encompasses a world class group of designers and developers that fulfill my creative vision everytime. As online producer I can’t think of a… Continue reading Five Principal Questions

Media Sensations

Casandra winners Ruby Perez and Aljadaqui chose *ip to craft their online presences. Jordhy Ledesma managed the image of these stars to conquer and even wider audience using *ip’s proven methodology and top notch design techniques. The highlight of our creative endeavors in the entertainment industry was our site for Anima Studios, an Arroba de… Continue reading Media Sensations

The Best of the Region

Accessed by users in over 93 countries, the Superintendence of Banks has one of the most advanced websites of any Latin American Superintendence. This website has five self-service centers, a dedicated TV program that also airs on national TV, the biggest financial database of the Dominican Republic, online financial calculators, multiple news rooms, realtime search… Continue reading The Best of the Region

Web 2.0, New Marketing Mix

Print, Radio, TV, Exterior, Web and now Web 2.0, the new ingredient of your marketing mix. Does your company have a facebook page? Do you constantly upload videos to Youtube? Do you syndicate content at least monthly? There’s a new channel on the Internet, which is the new way of getting your clients’ attention. Is… Continue reading Web 2.0, New Marketing Mix

1st Government 2.0 in the Region

With an event celebrated in the Hilton hotel of Santo Domingo, the superintedent of banks, Mr. Haivanhoe Ng Cortiñas presented the first government 2.0 site of the Dominican Republic. The website, developed by Information Providers, is the hallmark of local government sites, a masterpiece that introduces about a dozen new technologies to public administration websites… Continue reading 1st Government 2.0 in the Region

Working with The E.U. and Verizon

From January 2004 to  January 2006 we engaged in one of our most complex projects. The production of a full-blown portal that would serve the most dynamic medium and small businesses of the region. The project, spearheaded by Proempresa, The European Union’s nominated organization to forsee small business development in the Dominican Republic, and Verizon,… Continue reading Working with The E.U. and Verizon

New Technologies Party

The “New Technologies 2006” event was a success. On June, 2006, *ip and clients gathered for a mexican party, to discover new products and services for Dominican and global clients. Among the services presented were: CF Ticket Support Solution, Hot Banana CMS Software, Portado Business Services, Digichat AV Remote Meetings Solutions and the Smart Web… Continue reading New Technologies Party

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SIV: e-Government at its Finest

Our production of the Dominican Superintendence of Securities website won the National World Summit Awards and was nominated to compete in the global WSA prize organized by the United Nations in the forum of the Information Society. This website brought, for the first time access to every major decision point about listed securities, an online… Continue reading SIV: e-Government at its Finest

Dale Carnegie Puerto Rico

From 2003 to January 2006 we engaged with Dale Carnegie Training to help produce its ads, email campaigns, websites and e-learning solutions. Dale Carnegie Training received our product development and publishing services under the production supervision of Jordhy Ledesma, the design hand of Jonh Dani and Tulio Suazo among others. During this timeframe we helped… Continue reading Dale Carnegie Puerto Rico

Itabo: An Energetic Production

As one of our prominent clients in Information Providers, The AES Corporation (at the time EGE ITABO) received our consulting, product development and publishing services for three years. During this time-frame we created several sophisticated web products energy provider. Our work included intranet development, interactive-CD programming, art revision, web production, digital media consulting and web… Continue reading Itabo: An Energetic Production

A New Face for Miss Universe

When Jordhy Ledesma took the Miss Dominican Republic Universe project as both web producer and corporate sponsor he wasn’t sure what to expect. From March 2004 to  2007  we worked with the Miss Universe Organization in Santo Domingo to produce some of the most engaging web properties of the Latin American Internet. We didn’t know what… Continue reading A New Face for Miss Universe