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*ip is Jordhy Ledesma’s digital firm, a prolific Latino entrepreneur that has created some of the most important Internet sites of Latin America.

He joins forces with designers, animators, photographers and other award-winning specialists to create websites of world-class quality. Since the very beginning, *ip has established its practice as one of the most successful of the Caribbean and Latin America. Due to our accomplishments, *ip is now expanding internationally and has started taking more work from foreign countries. We have seen a huge demand of corporations and governments that wish to target the Latino demographic with a specialized set of solutions.

About *ip

Digital Practice

We are constantly trying out new technologies to keep ahead of the pack. Then we analyze each trend, create or collect reports and create a strategy for our clients in each space. Working with a research-based firm means your company can leverage new technologies before the competition.

Bitcoin Development
Digital Dashboards
Latin American Market
Multilingual Sites

Our Methodology



Satisfied Clients


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Completed Projects


Latino Specific Projects

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We follow very strict standards of design, production and security to guarantee the success of each site. Some of these standards include W3C guidelines, accessibility standards and governmental standards like OPTIC. The *ip Standard is to the deliver the highest possible quality on each project without compromising on international standards.

Mobile Experts

We have been developing for tablet devices since 2006.

Research Driven

In some multiyear projects, we can develop technology to help you leapfrog the competition.

Global Impact

Key insights and discovery tools about the Latino demographic and platforms to help institutions make an impact on a global level.


We include your opinions in each project and facilitate the technical learning of several of your key staff.

Featured Projects

We're all about the numbers: 12 years of experience, 216 projects in 16 different industries and almost 10 million visitors every year across our productions.

Recent Press

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