Onapi Virtual


Onapi is the National Patent and Intellectual Property Registration Office of the D.R. We created the first version of Onapi Virtual in 2005 and the second version in 2007. The success of this portal was such that more than 45% of the registrations are now performed online and take less than 20 days to process. This means that companies can incorporate 60 days faster as a direct result of our efforts. Onapi went to went the Presidential Medal of Quality twice and the site was nominated for a Golden @ and exhibited to Latin America and the world via online showcases.

The volume of information managed by this site on a daily basis, the social good it brings and the amazing managerial work performed by senior and mid-level leadership make this project a national pride. Since then, the media has heavily reported on the launch and the merits of this website. Not only can Dominican register their intellectual property online, but now international constituents, like managers of Fortune 500 firms or multinational companies can register or query the registration of their company’s intellectual property in the Dominican Nation. The site is compliant with W3C, OPTIC and WIPO guidelines.

Onapi’s website is a production of major significance in the history of the Dominican Republic. It is the only website that every other nation must access in order to legally conduct business in the region. Onapi Virtual is the most intenational of all national government websites and is indeed one of the most sophisticated.

To put things into perspective, Onapi Virtual houses all the patents, logos, company incorporations, trademarks, and name registrations ever issued by the national government.

Our work in this project had multiple stages and included the creation of the institutional CMS, the web design of the whole interface, the database connection to legacy systems, online forums, online request forms, departamental websites, transparency forum, web statistics engine and e-government systems implementation as required by law.
The complexity of this project was only shadowed by its great success and the positive impact that it had in the Dominican Nation. The merits of the website were chronicled by the media in many articles and also by the President himself when delivering the National Medal of Quality to Onapi.

Creating this project had another major impact in the lives of Information Providers’ staff. Now we were the creators of the top entertainment, commercial and governmental websites of the country. It was at this point whre we realised that, as developers, we could become more than simple technicians. We realised we could become a key part of the social fabric of our nation.

Designers, developers and producers that lift culture, business and government for the betterment of nations.

In this context, the impact of our work was clear, we were no longer building pages but crafting a better future for our country by identyfing the most critical projects and tools we could build.

Onapi is a clear example of the key task of every designer: choosing the next project wisely can maximize our societal impact and makes us more relevant in the long term.

Tidal Wave of e-GOV Innovation

A tour of our most successful goverment projects and how we create a new digital infrastructure that changes the world every second. We discuss impact, standards and e-government technology.

e-Government Services are the Cornerstone of Modern Societies
Our most impactful work is related to e-government developments. In this respect, we’ve built new standards, won awards,  created platforms for international collaboration and national organization among other major things. Jordhy Ledesma has carefully crafted platforms that can stand the test of time by adhering to international standards and pushing the infrastructure of the national Internet forward.

We’ve introduced intranet systems, CMS, advanced search facilities, custom made system, Coldfusion data stores, Microsoft .net real-time web services, and new software and designs that make our national government sites world-class. Even the Society for Information has taken notice, nominating our online producer for a global e-government award in 2005. We expect to continue our amazing string of achievements in e-Government in order to accelerate national growth and better life in our region thru practical digital interfaces.

What Makes an e-Government Site so Special?
Almost a year is required to produce an e-government site, they are among the most complex websites to produce. Agreement from dozens of managers, compliance with many laws and approval from multiple agencies is needed. We test for accessibility, speed, ease of use, content comprehensiveness, advance search facilities and three click information architecture. OPTIC and W3C standards heavily regulate the production of these websites. Excelling at e-Government equals success at the highest ranks of web production.

Production Criteria

W3C Standards. e-Government websites are the only type in Latin America that must adhere to stringent standards due to international and national regulations. The W3C and OPTIC standards are *ip’s specialty and our adherence to W3C has been applauded several times.

State of the Art Document Management. Every governmental website developed by Information Providers has a full repository of all the legislation that is relevant to the institution. Saving visitors time and money and making thousands of pages accesible thru advanced search facilities. As an additional transparency measure, most of our e-government websites include an open government section with all the contracts, bills and critical information. Setting up these systems is a major conquest for Latin America and a great badge of prestige for our firm.

Patents. Our online producer programmed and designed the intellectual property registration system of the D.R. ONAPI went to win the Presidential Medal of Honor for this and other innovations.

New Principles. We make government social by integrating e-government into the lives of millions. Every major social network has been integrated to make government more accesible to all.

Innovation. The Superintendence of Banks’ website was the first government 2.0 property of the region. A massive production that shares the largest financial database of the country with economists and scholars from 93 countries.

Finance. Online financial calculators are present in almost all our e-government productions.

Mobile. All our productions are ready to be browsed in mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones in a variety of mobile systems.

Value. The governmental content follows a strict curation process to bring the best value to citizens.

Speed. Sites are stress tested to perform at optimal speed even in slow computers, promoting high traffic.

Agencies and Projects


Working for these large group of European institutions helped us grasp the extent of European collaboration in Latin America.


With funds from UNESCO, USAID, etc, these organizations create a path of rejuvenation for Haitians and Dominicans alike. We helped by giving them professional images online that capture the nature and importance of their work.


As one of the most complicated sites of Latin America, sb.gob.do allows an entire country to protect their financial assets while bringing free information on the Dominican economy to thousands of economists and scholars around the globe.

The securities market of the D.R. is online thanks to *ip, siv.gov.do is a prime example of our work.

The Superintendence of Pensions’ website displays a design that allows every visitor to reach any piece of content in less than three clicks.

As a winner of the Presidential Medal of Quality, ONAPI and its 100% online service policy are the most vivid example of the progress that Latin America has made on e-Government productions. We are glad to have designed a website that has won so many awards across forums.

The Confederation for Dominican Employees is one of the most dynamic websites that we’ve produced. Embeded TV channel, online forums (both public and private), realtime CMS, search facilities and a document management system keep this site fresh and updated to the minute so workers can be more efficient and demand their most current rights.

The treasurer of the social security system of the Dominican Republic is one of the most security conscious organizations in Latin America. Working with Unipago to produce their corporate website meant rising to higher standards of production to comply with their demands and keep our country secure.

The National Bank for Housing is one of the finest Dominican institutions in existence. BNV provides housing for millions of Dominicans. Jordhy Ledesma led the production of this nationally crucial website that now serves hundreds of thousands of inquiries in a monthly basis. The BNV site has been so successful that the media constantly reports on its merits.

Self-contained legal system to help lawyers navigate the justice system on their own.

This was the first website for any Dominican First Lady, so indeed a major responsibility for our firm that turned into a nice presentation card for our services in the future.

Web 2.0, New Marketing Mix

Print, Radio, TV, Exterior, Web and now Web 2.0, the new ingredient of your marketing mix. Does your company have a facebook page? Do you constantly upload videos to Youtube? Do you syndicate content at least monthly? There’s a new channel on the Internet, which is the new way of getting your clients’ attention. Is the interactive channel, the new type of web site that allows audiences to post their comments, files, messages and videos.

Here at ip, we’ve embraced Web 2.0 as the only viable comunications mean in this new century. First, people want a free Web, with no strings attached. Second they want interactive content, and third, they prefer content delivered to them by viral means. This means trust, this means a stronger relation and a more knowledgeable client.

At the end of the day, after 10 Youtube videos, two facebook pages, 20 delicious bookmarks, one blog and one twitter feed you’ll have a MiniNet. Or a network of 30 minisites, that will drive 10 times the people to your Web site. No wonder Burger King has ONE Web site and TWENTY Web 2.0 sites.

That is content recommended by a friend or associate.

1st Government 2.0 in the Region

Superintendencia de Bancos

With an event celebrated in the Hilton hotel of Santo Domingo, the superintedent of banks, Mr. Haivanhoe Ng Cortiñas presented the first government 2.0 site of the Dominican Republic. The website, developed by Information Providers, is the hallmark of local government sites, a masterpiece that introduces about a dozen new technologies to public administration websites and makes a horde of information available to the public for the first time.

The site includes the first rich internet application for any government site of latin america, a system that allows researchers to pick indicators and craft statistical reports as they wish. The new solution, with over 10 thousand webpages, includes all of the circulars and bulletins issued by the institution in the past 62 years.

Among the many implemented systems are: a reclamation tracking system for user of financial services, an interactive financial entity browser, tag-based navigation, web 2.0 collaboration features, intelligent search engine,  RSS channels, mail list subscription services, a new document visualization services.

Information Providers is glad to have developed such an important solution for  the Superintendence of Banks and will continue to provide great solutions and services for the Dominican government.

SIV: e-Government at its Finest


Our production of the Dominican Superintendence of Securities website won the National World Summit Awards and was nominated to compete in the global WSA prize organized by the United Nations in the forum of the Information Society. This website brought, for the first time access to every major decision point about listed securities, an online securities school to educate the country on financial matters, a dynamic library, transparency repositories to open up the whole agency to its citizens, multilingual search facilities and content management system and real-time integration with legacy systems.

The Superintendence of Securities of the Dominican Republic is celebrating another major milestone in it’s short history. It’s website, created by Information Providers, was nominated as best global e-Government solution by the prestigious World Summit Awards. Information Providers is proud to have taken part in this major achievement and we wish the agency the best of luck in the competition.

Our producer Mr. Jordhy Ledesma was nominated in the as e-Government category of the awards. In regards to the project Ledesma said: “siv.gov.do is one of the finest government portals in Latin America. Its broad set of services and ease of use is without parallel in the scope of governmental websites”.

Information Providers congratulates SIV in its achievement of the national distinction that is winning the Dominican World Summit Awards.