How we Get Inspired?

Picasso, Neruda and Parra, Latin American artists that inspire our craft and make us richer and more creative as designers. Their craft has made us stronger as artists and more disciplined as developers.

Picasso drew thousands of paintings that didn’t see the light of day. He went undiscovered for years. When he was dying he told friend that he would be remembered by his poetry? Poetry? Yes! Picasso was a poet, and a damn good one!
The study of an artist’s life helps us cristallize our own. Latin American artists in particular have a rich production that can lift any artist to new heights. But the key to that grow is understanding the process: how did he come up with that idea? What is he trying to communicate?

Drinking from this lake of creation allows us to see the big picture and understand Neruda, Parra and Picasso for what they are: reflections of the Latino culture. By digesting their art we get to see the big picture, we get to experience a new reality. Maybe a taste of Argentina or Chile.

The big picture becomes apparent: we are all connected, their art becomes our art and our craft becomes a new lake of inspiration for the region. And that frame of mind drives us, the compromise to create art, to inspire thru design and development, a realization that our work can change lives and enrich their perception of reality.

We draw our inspiration from artists around the world. Art in every format serves as a conduit for new ideas. Poetry, paintings, music and sculptures serve as sources of ideas and inspiration for designers and developers. They are like a lake of wisdom that enlightens the mind and breeds a fresh perspective with every glimpse.