A Path of Contributions

Value driven design and development have guided Information Providers since the very beginning. Our culture is one of societal compromise and constant achievement. But we can’t be entirely profit driven, such a path limits our potential  for social impact.

Hence, we strive to be the best and help impactful institutions as much as our business endeavors allow us. Pro bono work has been an important componet of the growth of our firm and is quite certainly a distintion from our competitors. The list of *ip pro bono work recipients includes: The Codespa Caribe Foundation, IDDI, UNESCO, ADOARH, Miss Universe, The Dominican Math Olympiads, Funglode, The Dominican Presidency, The Dominican Dispatch of the First Lady, among others.

Helping our immediate community is an important part of our DNA. However our charitable work has also had global impact in the form of open source software translation of key programs of the open source movement. Ning, Farcry CMS, WordPress and Rainbow Portal were translated to Spanish by Jordhy Ledesma, taking the contributions of our work to international shores.

Translations. Our Ning social platform translation was quoted by Marc Andreessen, the inventor of the web browser.

Criteria. We choose recipients based on mutual benefits and potential for societal and global impact.