Ledesma Announces Full Stack Web Development Course @ ASA College

Jordhy Ledesma has partnered with ASA College to deliver a powerful educational experience and create a cohort of modern full-stack web developer for the needs of today’s fast-paced business environment.  The curriculum has been freshly developed to include an assortment of the most widely used web development technologies. Multiple computer labs and schedules will accommodate practical, personalized and convenient learning.

If you’re in NYC, Brooklyn or Miami, please call 877-470-9638 or reserve your spot (for free) at the next orientation session.

At a Glance: Full Stack Web Development With WordPress and PHP

This course is a hands-on workshop that focuses on the back, front end and practical issues of website production and maintenance. In this highly practical course, students will build up their skills along with a portfolio of web solutions they can show to prospective employers or clients.

Course Description

  • Web Development is one of the most active disciplines of Information Technology. Both demand and salaries are very high in this field.
  • Full Stack Web Development provides a fast path to employment because developers possessing these skills can work as entry level front end or back end developers or even as freelancers.
  • Full Stack Web Development with PHP and WordPress is a course that takes into account the aforementioned arguments to provide students with a practical course in which they will learn about the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP) and walk away with a portfolio of skills and code they can apply in their very first job after the course.
Web Prototyping Workshop
A Web Prototyping Workshop Session Within the Full Stack Web Development Course

Tech Covered

  • HTML 5 – The latest standard for content delivery on the Web
  • CSS3 – The preferred solution to style web pages
  • LAMP Stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL And PHP: the most popular stack for web production
  • WordPress – The most popular content management system for website delivery
  • Amazon EC2 – The Amazon Cloud, where students will discover how to deploy websites in a modern hosting environment
  • In addition to GIT, SVG, Bootstrap, Jquery, Javascript, AngularJS, Mobile Web Development, SEO and Responsive Web Design.

Some of the Tools Used

  • Sublime Text
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CSS Frameworks
  • Apache Web Server
  • Github
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Several Prototyping Tools such as Invision
  • Web Page Optimization Tools
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • MySQL Server
  • PHP
  • Linux Terminal

About the Instructor:

Jordhy Ledesma is an award-winning web developer and best-selling academic co-author of “Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning” (Bloomberg Business Week, 2013). He holds degrees from the University of Virginia Darden School, where he was a Batten Scholar, PUCMM and the Loyola Polytechnical Institute. Mr. Ledesma is a Deloitte alumni, a four-time Miss Universe D.R. web designer and has advised companies such as Verizon, Best Buy, Rosetta Stone among others. For his full bio visit: http://www.jordhy.com/about

About ASA College:

ASA College currently has more than 5,000 students, 16 programs of study, and 5 campuses; Midtown Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, North Miami Beach, Florida, Hialeah, Florida, and Golden Glades, Florida. The mission of ASA College is to educate a diverse and qualified student population to become responsible professionals committed to lifelong learning by equipping them with a firm academic foundation and career-specific competencies. ASA offers high-quality degree and certificate programs that respond to the needs of students and employers in a global economy. The ASA faculty and staff are dedicated to maintaining professionalism and institutional integrity in a student-centered environment.