What Makes an *ip?

An *ip website must load fast, be 100% indexable by search engines and W3C compliant, however there are certain things that an *IP site has that very few other websites enjoy. For example, we use triple linking to get to each page, meaning that, in every website there are at least three distinct ways to get to each page.
Furthermore, we use geometric grip spacings on every site, this makes for a much more pleasant viewing experience. *IP color palettes are usually monotones derived from Pantone compositions and the typography is, not always but usually, a sans serif composition. These and many other details make an *IP website stand out and convey a sometimes imperceptible allure that sets it apart from other productions. Like luxury watch makers we take to heart the accuracy, durability and convenience of our creations.

When producing a site, we take into account over sixty key details and measurements

The dominicancrafts.com website displays the art of an entire nation for the enrichment of the world and to ease trade and communication among developed nations and the D.R. Sponsored by UNESCO this website makes use of extensive *ip technology to capture visitor intent and provide accurate statistics to the editors. By using detailed metrics, group by art segment, editors can pick the best styles and artisans to showcase thus, increasing traffic and visitor satisfaction.

Under the hood, an *ip is very impressive, we take extensive measures to make our sites competitive and relevant in a global space

We take care of the internal details and always perform unit testing, injection analysis, we place anti-phising measures in many websites and accurately monitor copyright and intellectual property breaches, We’ve never had a security problem in twelve years but sites produced by *ip are online 24 hours per day, just like every other. This is our pride, being state of the art even in the things that don’t show but still matter.