Ngo Impact

OPTIMIZING THE DESIGN PORTFOLIO FOR IMPACT. In finance, is common to talk about optimizing the portfolio for returns. However, we tend to think more in terms of optimizing our efforts to achieve the maximum societal impact. That makes the whole team grow.

Over the years we have designed for several impactful NGOs: the IDDI, Codespa, Cigar Family, UNESCO, ADOARH among others. The social value created by these projects has been surprinsing. To this day Cigar Family is still one of the most succesful ONGs of the country, Codespa has expanded operations and now serves Haiti, the IDDI is now managing thrice the amount of projects and the cultural compilations we’ve developed for UNESCO have doubled in visits since their creation. But the impact is not limited to numbers but also spans geographies. All of these projects have international impact and are browsed by dozens of foreing nations on a monthly basis.

Seeing these projects grow represents both personal and societal gains. And we can now celebrate the magical way in which these projects have grown organically and beyond our wildests expectations.

All ourprojects are indexed by and we constantly help in the dissemination of public information thru the Internet. It establishes a culture of sharing as well as an opportunity for societal growth thru education. Being based in Latin America means sharing both a culture of rapid growth as well as a conection to the ever increasing inequality that is hurting us so much. Thankfully our work can be seen in even the most remote locations using the least sophisticated computers. However, we shall make a compromise to keep helping these causes, realising that they make us grow farther than we expect of ourselves. Local NGOs deserve our attention because of the great work they have done for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. So let’s celebrate another decade of social compromise together!