*ip Plans Expansion

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him… If we create tools that empower our customers to deploy their messages on the web they’ll be able to make a bigger impact on society. *ip is at a pivotal point in its history, we are transitioning into a product company of international impact.

The success we had with the Portado brand and other *ip creations has opened our eyes to a new sea of opportunity in the consumer web sector. However, instead of solely focusing on this area, we’ll expand our consulting practice and open offices in potentially four more cities across the globe.

We are now a leader in institutional web development, employing many professionals of distinguished track record and dedication. We’ll expand our reach by continuing to be a research-driven web development firm that provides targeted solutions to its customers. Our international play will be to focus on the Latino market of key geographies. The Hispanic market is growing as a faster rate than any demography in the US for example, this creates a big opportunity for us to establish offices in this country and recruit local designers and programmers that will, using our proven methodologies and research, deliver better solutions to the Latino demographic.

This expansion represents an important conquest for our firm, in the coming years we will become one of the few Dominican brands with a direct international presence. This in turn will enrich our local practice with professionals from all over the world that will bring in a new perspective to our Latin American design mantra.

As we prepare to grow we must look back and reflect on our values, our passions and core beliefs. Ours is a firm of hard earned prestige and a very respected brand in its key circles. But that comes at a price, because customers expect us to over deliver and be true to our promises every time. At *ip, excellence and achievement are not random events but a way of life. Our design perspective, which is colorfur, lively, and culturarly rich, pretty much like the Latino culture, is one of our key assets, and one we should maintain as we compete in bigger lands. Good news is, not much will have to change, as we’ve been competing against multinational agencies since our inception, so this transition should be a smooth one.

On a different note, new develoments in the Internet make for an even more exciting future for us. Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution will provide a fast, safe and cheap means to store and send money to the Latino community. The new wave of innovation that this represents will mean that a second Internet will surface: The Internet of Money.

So, the next decade will be an exciting rollercoaster of technology with four Internets: Content, Social Connections, Things and Money. The Internet of Content will be primary consumed in tablet devices, via offline content-delivery techniques like apps, The Internet of Social Connections will welcome hyperlocal apps of greater utility and value, while the Internet of Things will connect every device that needs to be monitored by us. The Internet of Money will provide us with smart contracts, decentralized and stable cryptocurrencies and a parallel financial system available to anyone, globally. What this means is that the next decade will be the most exciting in technology in all of human history. We’ll see an explosion of information and utility that will provided us with a far more connected and far more fulfilling life.

This means that boutique tecnology firms like ours will walk into a path of sustained growth and increased social relevance. Our technology, now used by millions, could possibly be used by hundreds of millions and, as Latin America becomes more connected and Internet savvy, our solutions become more useful and relevant to the world at large. These two trends, increase in connectivity of Latin America and the increase of the pervasiveness of the Internet present us with an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference and build a legacy of utility.

And now, twelve years after its foundation, *IP emerges as a natural conduit for this new wave of innovation. Now, more than ever, we will help our customers embrace a new future, one of freedom, convenience and relevant information. We invite you to join us in this new ride, because the next twelve years will be much better than the last.