April 15, 2015 jordhy

*IP Launches Mesothelioma.Asia

Mesothelioma Portal


*IP is kicking off the second quarter of 2015 with a series of large scale portal launches. The first is Mesothelioma Asia, a portal covering the Mesothelioma illness and offering a set of information tools for families and lawyers. The portal has a private social network for both lawyers and families, provides rich academic, legal and medical information as well as daily news. The portal is fully owned and operated by Information Providers.

Mesothelioma Asia is part of ONE Media Network, a brand of information portals created by Information Providers to educate and ease access to complex information. In particular, Mesothelioma Asia includes complex legal information such as lawsuits, settlements and professional directories in an easy to digest format. Academic papers with the latest advances on the subject are also well covered as well as the current stance of asbestos regulation in all of Asia. The PanAsian portal will offer directory services to attorneys, research centers and medical doctors while preserving the privacy of its members.

Mesothelioma Asia Footer

Technically speaking Mesothelioma Asia features responsive technology, mobile versions for the iPhone and iPads, multiple news letters and automatic categorization services, RSS, social network integration, breaking news tickers, social network integration, commenting and moderation systems, video rich content and multiple content suggestion services. You can visit the portal now at www.mesothelioma.asia.