The Hispanic Internet: Notable Research (2000-2015)

Notable Hispanic Internet Research (2000 - 2015)

In the quest to better serve the Hispanic market we must understand their idiosyncrasies, their culture, their economic reality and the psychographic mindset that sets Latinos apart. As our practice has progressed we have written, reviewed, selected and highlighted a large quantity of research about the Hispanic Internet.

Due to the large number of requests we have prepared this page with a selection of some of the most notable research about Hispanics, Latin-American websites and eCommerce in Latin America. This curation covers eCommerce, eGovernment, the psychographic profile of Latino web consumers and important aspects associated with social media use in the region.




The Failure of eGovernment in Developing Countries – London School of Economics.


eGovernment in Latin America and the Caribbean – Silvana Rubino-Hallman.


Web design patterns for eGovernment websites – University of São Paulo.


White Book of e-Government Interoperability for Latin America and the Caribbean – The United Nations.


eGovernment in Latin America: A Review of the Success in Colombia, Uruguay, and Panama  – Organization of American States.




U.S. Hispanic Consumer eCommerce Preferences – Florida International University.


Latinos Online


Latinos Online  – Pew Hispanic Center.


 culture – University of Westminster.


U.S. Hispanic Consumer eCommerce Preferences – Florida International University.


Social Media


The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America – comScore.


Notable Links


Hispanic Resources – U.S. Department of the Interior.


eGuide to Online Sources of Law Relating to Latin America –  New York City Bar.


Closing the Digital Divide: Latinos and Technology Adoption – Pew Hispanic Center.


Hispanic Media: Faring Better than the Mainstream Media –  Pew Research


Global Web Design Trends: South America – Noupe.



If you need any additional information not present in any of these documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.