May 18, 2015 jordhy

*IP Announces International Domain Name Portfolio Listing in Domain Name Sales

*IP announces the immediate availability of its domain portfolio for interested customers and associates. You can now purchase our premium Hispanic domain names thru a number of partners including SEDO, Domain Name Sales, DNX and Flippa.  All the domains names have been appraised via Estibot and professional brokers to offer our customers the most reasonable prices possible. Here’s a sample of three key value indicators from SEDO for our domain (or in English):


Domain Name Value Indicators


The offering also includes category killer domain names such as ortografí (, (, histó ( and international names such as (latinized greek for electronics), etc. These premium international domain names start at $2,000 USD and go all the way to 150,000 dollars for three-letter dot coms. A sample of our domain name portfolio follows:


International Domain Name Portfolio

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