*ip’s 12th Anniversary: A History of Achievement

Early Days

Our first office was rented for a hundred dollars per month. Those were the days! Every new project was  harder to get than the rest until we built a reputation. And this reputation is what we are now, what we’ll always be: the most dependable ally, the pioneers in new technological endeavors, the leaders in hypercompetitive environments.

We grew and won against big consulting and PR firms because we understood early on that web development was a new business altogether. And now, our comprehension of dozens of industries and geographies along with state of the art technology make us even more relevant than in previous years.

Our history of achievement is summarized in just one sentence: People first and profits later. A mantra that has served us well in these past 12 years!

The Leslor Information Providers brand will be our business name abroad starting in 2015. Leslor is a short name that will instantly bring brand recognition to the firm. Locally the Information Providers logo and name will remain untouched.

Internet Marketing
The shift to Internet Marketing came when we realized customers need traffic to their websites as much as they needed their sites developed! A new wave of services followed and little by little, we started packaging growth systems and traffic delivery solutions.

Internet Marketing has turned into our most attractive competitive advantage. Now Information Providers is one of the local leaders in traffic delivery. We are trusted by the biggest corporations and by senior professionals who depend on our traffic delivery solutions to bolster their units performance.

Web Design
Our initial services only included web design, hosting and domain registration. We started with a team of three people: a designer, a developer and our producer. Later, we added more services, moved to bigger offices and now our firm offers consulting, custom application programming, grid technology, cryptocurrency and cloud solutions.

Application Development
We pioneered .Net development in 2003. Then Macromedia MX development in 2004. Actionscript, CMS development, Java, Rails, Multilingual CMSs, Coldfusion, Advanced CSS, PHP, HTML 5, Open GL and Hadoop came after. Now we’re programming in Node.js, MongoDB, Cassandra and Objective C. Our practice maintains that the only way to keep at the forefront of innovation is to be current on the latest tools and become an expert on them. In this respect, our founder directly produces most of the critical code and design of the firm, still to this day. Having such a senior expert craft the core of a system dramatically increases its security, cohesiveness and speed of delivery. We have become leaders in Application Development by carefully testing each and every framework that has gained relevant traction and then obsesively trained our specialists to maintain solutions and expand on the work performed by our producer.

The future looks very promising indeed. IP is already a leader in cryptocurrency mining and development and we have now deployed a special task force to prepare package solutions so our clients can capitalize on the Internet of Things. Although we are ahead of the market by at least 4 to 5 years, this is what’s required of a leading technical consulting firm to deliver real competitive advantages to its clients. We take that compromise very seriously and are constantly fetching for new solutions that can bring more value and profits to our loyal customers.

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12 Years Online - Information Providers

56 pages, published 4/22/2014

Information Providers Celebrates 12 Years Online with a 56-Page Memoir